7 Best Winter Foods

7 winter foods to be included in your winter diet


Winter, the most awaited season of the year. Long Nights, Chilled weather mark the arrival of this beautiful season. It is the time to take out our sweaters, Shawls and Woolen blankets to keep our body warm.  But won’t you’ll like to know apart from keeping your body warm from outside how to generate warmth from inside. Is it really possible, if yes then how? Have you’ll hear about the term winter foods or winter diet. So excited to know about those winter foods have a look at this article…


A very common ingredient found in almost every household is one of the best winter foods. It aids in digestion and also keeps the body warm. If taken daily in small quantities ginger strengthens the immune system. It acts as an antioxidant a natural remedy to fight against cold and flu. The best way to use ginger is having a cup of ginger tea which is also a way to fight the chilled weather. It can also be used while cooking in curries and making salads. So make sure you include ginger in your winter diet



The next food is “HONEY” even honey is a very common food these days but many of us didn’t know the best time to have honey is in winter. It’s another medicine for the cold and flu in the winter month. It is also rich in antioxidants that can improve our immune system. It can boost the natural heat of our body internally. Honey can be used as a substitute for sugar. It can also be used in the early morning with warm water. Also in various smoothies and yogurt preparations.



Turmeric the food which is used since ancient India known for its antibacterial property helps to fight against common infections in winter. Turmeric can be added to warm milk known as “Turmeric Milk” or “Masala doodh” to reap maximum benefits in winters so as to keep our body warm. Besides turmeric is used in most of the Indian dishes from dals, veg, fish or chicken curries. It’s the key ingredient in our food and the pride of our nation.



Yes, Soups. All of us will love to eat soups during this season. And so soup is also on the list of one of the best winter foods. It’s the easiest, tastiest and the healthiest way to give our body warmth in this chilled weather. Apart from this they are also low in calories and make us full. Different types of soup like tomato, chicken, palak, broccoli, Mixed veg soup, corn soup can be made…I know most of us will try out this winter food for sure!


Dry fruits

A dry fruit which is easily available in the market a great source of energy also comes under one of the best winter foods as it has omega 3 fatty acids and so they are good in generating heat in the body. It’s one of the quickest and healthiest options given while traveling. It also loaded with several vitamins and minerals. There are various ways it can be included in our diet. It can be added to milkshakes, smoothies or even in plain milk. They can also be used in powdered form. Isn’t it easy to include dry fruits in our winter diet?

Dry fruits


Cinnamon commonly known as “dalchini” is known for increasing metabolism of the body thereby generating heat. A pinch of cinnamon powder can be added in milkshakes, warm water, and coffee.



Last but not the least eggs. Packed with essentials proteins and vitamins eggs helps to keep our body warm in winters and also boosts our energy levels. Eggs can be used in multiple preparations like boiled eggs, egg chat, egg soup, egg pulao or khichdi, egg wrap, egg curry, egg sandwich.



Spend this amazing season with these 7 amazing winter foods. Let me know your reviews about this article. Comment!
~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar ( Food and Nutrition Blogger)



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