Are you planning to start a weight loss diet this New Year? Well I know many are waiting for New Year to start their weight loss journey. Generally, our weight loss diet includes fruits, veggies, protein-rich foods, dairy foods, fibrous foods. But are we missing something on this list? Yes, we are. And it’s none other than our herbs and spices ”Herbs and Spices add flavor and taste to our foods thereby making our food delicious. Won’t a pulao with rice, veggies, herbs, spices taste good rather than just with rice and veggies? I feel if your food isn’t tasty you cannot stick to diet for a long time and “Dieting should never be a temporary change it should be a lifestyle change” Herbs and spices apart from playing a major role in our Indian cuisine have also said to help in weight loss. So let’s find out which are the herbs and spices that help in weight loss and how?



Cinnamon” an easily available, inexpensive, low kcal spice can be used effectively in our day to day routine. Researchers had shown cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels. An increase in the blood sugar levels thereby leads to increased storage of fat by the body. Cinnamon by reducing the blood sugar levels prevents this increased fat storage and enables you to lose weight. Also, it delays the process of passing food from the stomach into the intestine and so you feel full for a longer time and eat less and this helps you lose weight. It also is known to boost your metabolism. So include a teaspoon of cinnamon to reap its benefits.

Ways to include cinnamon in your diets Cinnamon can be sprinkled on tea, coffee, milkshakes, juices. It can also be included in our breakfast like Oatmeal.

Cinnamonum verum


“Cumin” is another very common traditional spice we use. Cumin along with its spiciness also boosts metabolism as it has a lot of iron in it.  So adding cumin to our diet will help us burn more calories thereby reducing our weight. Cumin contains phytosterols and antioxidants which can help in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels which further makes weight loss easier. Additionally, it is also very low in calories. So isn’t it really great to add flavors to our diet without increasing your daily calorie intake too much?

Ways to include cumin in your diets Cumin can be used in everything from dips, stir-fries, soups, stews, flatbreads, yogurts, buttermilk, seasoning of dals.


Black pepper

“Black pepper” also known as “ KaliMirch” is a very common spice and also known as the “ King of spice” It not only helps to improve your digestion but also helps to extract all the nutrients from your body but its outer layer contains a potent nutrient (phytonutrient) that helps speed up the breakdown of fat cells and so it’s one of the best spice which is known to help in weight loss. Just sprinkle pepper over your food do not eat too much of it.

Ways to include black pepper in your diet Black pepper can be added in most of the dishes like oatmeal, cottage cheese, sweetened foods like yogurt, traditional preparations like pulav.

Black pepper.jpg



“Ginger” a natural remedy with various uses improves your metabolism which in turn burns more calories thereby leading to weight loss. It also serves as a digestive aid thereby making our digestive system strong. A study shows that ginger can improve weight loss by enhancing the feeling of fullness after a meal

Ways to include Ginger in your diet Ginger can be used in tea” Ginger tea”, stir-fries, fruit salad and also in various veg, curry preparations

ginger 1


Cardamom” an aromatic spice also known as “ Elaichi” has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic fragrance. It is used to bring relief to digestive problems. Also known to improve metabolism. Research now tells us that cardamom may help to show improvement in glucose tolerance and lipid metabolism and also prevent abdominal fat deposition. Ways to include Cardamom in your diet Cardamom can be used in homemade curry blend, chai as “ Elaichi chai” coffee and also in sweet dishes


Holy Basil( Tulsi leaves)

“Holy Basil( Tulsi leaves)” also known as “Octimum sancton” Tulsi leaves are said to reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol increases in our body when we are stressed and studies show an increased amount of cortisol may lead to weight gain. A Tulsi leaf thereby reduces cortisol preventing weight gain. Ways to include Tulsi leaves in your diet Basil leaves can be used in tea, juices, paste and also can be eaten raw.

Image result for Tulsi


“Coriander” also known as “ Dhaniya” is a very fragrant and tasty herb commonly used in Indian recipes.Low in calorie coriander can be easily incorporated into our weight loss diet. For effective weight loss, coriander can be taken in the form of juice. It contains polyphenols that helps to eliminate harmful fat cells around the liver. Also helps in eliminating bacterial infections and work as detoxifying agent.
Ways to include Corriander in your diet Corriander is worldwide used for garnishing and decoration. Apart from this coriander juices can also be made.




No doubt “Herbs and Spices” do help in weight loss mainly by boosting metabolism but along with the combination of a healthy diet. You cannot expect to lose weight just by eating herbs and spices. It’s “The diet factor” which makes herbs and spice a key ingredient in weight loss.

“HERBS AND SPICES not only add flavors to our food but also add flavors to our life by keeping us healthy!

Don’t forget to include these herbs and spices in your weight loss diet. Also comment below how do you find this article?


                                                          ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar( Food and Nutrition Blogger)


If you wanna be fit, hit the gym, a classic suggestion what we often hear. But what if we don’t? Are gyms the only way of staying fit?
Let’s find out.

“If Gyms are a part of “Fitness” then “Nutrition” is the heart of “Fitness

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar( Food and Nutrition Blogger)

Hello Everyone!

Gyms are the hot trend these days. ”I am going to the gym!” Doesn’t this sentence sounds cool?

There are different reasons why people visit a gym. Some for weight loss, some for Muscle gain, and some for weight gain. But apart from goal-oriented people, few people go just for the sake of status.

I work in a gym as a Dietitian but I don’t gym at all, and my colleagues ask me working in fitness industry how can I not?

My reply wasGyms are not the only way to stay fit”

Why most of the people choose this common and easiest option. Let’s find out-

What are the factors that drive us to a gym?

 Sedentary Lifestyle
 Peer pressure
 Unhealthy habits
 The craze for “Zero Size” figure.
 The excitement to have “ Sixpack” or “Eight pack”

Above are the factors that drive us to the gym. And we get easily driven because it’s the easiest way to get things done. I don’t want to be biased and would focus on all aspects.


Variations: – The different types of equipment available in the gym provide us with variations like Cardio, Weight training, Functional training. So we might not get bored with regular routine workouts.

Increases Self Confidence: – During a workout when we increase our repetitions, intensity and time we boost our Self Confidence that” Yes I can do it”

Motivation: – Fitness experts in gym motivate people to achieve their goals. Otherwise, if it’s only our decision to do exercise we will probably say “I’ll start from Monday” and that Monday never comes.

Money factor: – Gyms these days are costing a lot. And when we pay such huge amounts people usually turn up. Otherwise, if things are provided for free we don’t value them.

Now, some interesting facts:-

– Travel by a car for minor distance to do cardio in a gym (Why can’t we walk?)

– Can lift weights (Dumbles, bars, etc.) in gym but for lifting our groceries, we need assistance!

– Go to gym to Burn Calories but after gym, we consume double calories by eating junk. (Don’t we all do that?)

– We deny to walk up the stairs but we are excited to do step up on the machine.

– Cycles are “old fashioned” but cycling in the gym it’s a trend.

Have we ever wondered do people in villages  go to a Gym? I guess not. Still, the ladies have well-toned bodies and even men’s who aren’t into bodybuilding have a good physique. Now they do it without gym right?

I am not de-motivating you to join gyms, just trying to explain gyms are not the only option.

Some alternative options are: –



Bottom Line:-

Gyms are a healthy way to be fit but they are not the only way to be fit. If a person doesn’t gym that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in fitness. It’s just his concept of staying fit is different. If you ask me my concepts of staying fit is majority “Nutrition” and of course exercise too! Remember, it’s always 80% Nutrition and 20% exercise

If we don’t gym that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna be fit it’s just everyone don’t have the same destination and so everyone’s way of defining fitness is different..

I feel “If Gyms are a part of “Fitness” then “Nutrition” is the heart of “Fitness” So next time when you think about fitness not necessarily you will think only about gyms.

Give importance to both nutrition as well as exercise. But always remember there are different ways to exercise. Find your own way to stay fit. So that was my definition of fitness. What’s yours?

I have shared my thoughts and would like to know yours? Is Gymming a necessity or a compulsion in today’s era? Are they the only way to stay fit? What do you think? #Comment

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar (Food and Nutrition Blogger)



What are You thinking about?Thinking about life,Thinking about Studies, Thinking about relationships,Thinking about Fun,Thinking about Love Life.Have You ever Thought about Nutrition? So here I invite you all to “THINK ABOUT NUTRITION”To  “THINK NUTRITIONALLY” And to read this Blog..I hope you”ll  find it Good ..

     ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

What is your Blog about ? is what people very Often Keep on asking me.
I replied “Just wait and Watch”But Let me answer it now. ” Think Nutritionally” as the name says it’s all  about Nutrition..I am not just Going to write paragraphs.I wish to write something Different. Something which would make people “Think about Nutrition” Know what Nutrition is.. I am a reader too So I very well know how lazy people are when it comes to reading.

Food Blogs are slightly difficult to Run than a Personal.Coz when I wrote Stories on My Blogs people loved it but here there are No Stories..


  • I am working as a Dietitian at “Talwalkar’s Gym”since 1 month so will be sharing few experiences.
  • Will be sharing few things which I learnt during this period..
  •  Facts of Nutrition
  • And many more things…

So that’s what my Blog will be about?

But one thing is for sure..I will write in a way as I always write.Ofcourse I had done my Research before opening this Blog.Originality is what I believe and would try to make my posts  as much as original as I can.And I hope my  every Blog Post would make people think about Nutrition..


Are You”ll  ready To “THINK NUTRITIONALLY???

                  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar                 




“If Blogging is my life than Nutrition is My choice…”
~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

Hello Everyone, I am Ayesha Ghadigaonkar a Dietitian by proffession,a Blogger by choice,an Influencer marketer,a Fiction writer,a thinker  a story-teller,a twitterati,a Fb promoter,a food lover and a lover of life…So that’s my Small Introduction..

Would like to tell How I came in to this field? and Why I want to Blog on Nutrition??

HOW I CAME IN TO THIS FIELD?  I won’t say I was born to be a Dietitian. Never ever have I ever thought that in would be a DIETITIAN one day..First of all I was unaware about this field..It was after 12th when we have to choose a profession for ourself I choose this field mere out of Frustration thinking If I have to choose something than why not this “It sounds Good”.Let me repeat It sounds Good and yes that’s how I choose this field..But the story doesn’t end here “Sometimes wrong choices brings us to right places “. I think I am at a right place now..


  1. It’s the trend of today.People are dying to learn Nutrition.To Know about Nutrition.
  2.  Even though I studied Nutrition I didn’t belived in  Nutrition at once coz I was a foodie I love food,I love life and why to restrict this Enjoyment of life was what I believed But actually Nutrition is far more away from restrictions and I want unbelievers of Nutrition to believe in Nutrition.


  1. We  normally think..So Let’s THINK NUTRITIONALLY..I think people should think about Nutrition and why not after all it’s like a Investment policy..We invest and Benefit is for us..I think”Nutrition should not only be in people’s mind But also their heart” and that will happen only If We “Think Nutritionally.


Everything can’t be shared in a single post will share it in Next post.. Till than let me know your reviews about this post and Blog..Reviews and Suggestions are also welcomed..

I am a Thinker and would make sure I make others Not Only Think but “THINK NUTRITIONALLY”


So Let’s Think Nutritionally….

“If Blogging rules my heart than Nutrition rules my Mind”

 ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar